YAEMCO is committed to striving toward no harm processes to carry out the business activities in a sustainable manner. We aim to:

Environmental Management

Provide a healthy environment and promote a safe workplace for all employees

Engage with each member to keep health and safety procedures in top priority

Pursue continuous improvement in all aspects of health and safety

In order to achieve what we aim, the following activities are being strictly and periodically conducted in the company:

    • Implement the highest standards of HSE systems to prevent accidents, injuries, and work-related ill-health
    • Develop, Operate and maintain facilities system processes that are safe
    • Monitor and review using indicators to minimize risk to health, safety, and the environment
    • Reduce environmental impacts to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and meet our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements
    • Identify, evaluate & control HSE risks using best practice
    • Create awareness and ensure that our employees are responsible for the onsite health and safety
    • Train and supervise employees to support and deliver the best HSE expectations and objectives
    • Set annual improvement objectives and targets based on audit, review inspection of HSE systems to ensure they are implemented at all business levels