Post Covid-19 Era will be marked as the era of hygiene. To contribute to the recovery of the world to a post pandemic era, we have introduced special! protocols in hygiene and sanitization.


YAEMCO helps organizations to manage hygiene risk, create healthier working environments and make work places and places of living better and safer places to be for staff and visitors. Our Cleaners provide dedicated and expert hygiene services throughout the entire premises.

Offering the widest range of hygiene services, including the provision and maintenance of products such as soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, hand dryers, air care and purification, cubicle and surface sanitizers, feminine hygiene units, toilet paper dispensers and floor protection mats, our solutions are specifically designed to help businesses mitigate risk of liability, reduce illness from germ and virus transmission and increase engagement levels.

In these times of heightened hygiene-consciousness, we offer a range of hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers, as well as deep cleans and disinfection services. We use products which are rigorously tested by scientists against a recognized surrogate of enveloped viruses to include Coronavirus strains - killing up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

A clean and hygienic environment Is a safer, healthier and more pleasant place to live or work. Establishing good hygiene practices throughout an organization reduces the risk of infection being passed from person to person. This will ensure healthy living in the surroundings. Our people are trained to educate on how to reduce and even prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria more effectively.